Detailinformationen Biomedical Engineering

14th of march 2020

Dear lecturers of the Department of Biomedical Engineering,

As you read in the email below, we must transition all lectures into electronic platforms as of now. For those lectures requiring training, which are difficult or nearly impossible to be taught because presence is needed, please contact Gaby and me to discuss creative solutions.

For those of you who are not aware of the available tools at our University to do so, please follow this link:

lecture recording OR online lectures with zoom

A university Zoom license will be available as of March 22nd. Until then, a free zoom account offers 40 min meetings. In case you need to upgrade the Zoom license for the next week, please purchase a 1-month license and file a statement of expenses to have the costs reimbursed.

For all online lectures with Zoom you need to set up and invite the relevant students yourself. The software is quite navigator-friendly and easy to use. You can invite your students via sending the meeting link via email. Please get back to Gaby Oser in case you need support or for testing the set up.

Please also check the website for updates of our university:

Please share this information with all the relevant lectures of your courses.

Let’s stay in contact and share with me difficulties you may encounter.

Thank you for your support and collaboration in this difficult situation.