About us

The Medical Faculty of the University of Basel, together with the University Hospital and the University Children’s Hospital, forms an integrated research and teaching environment for excellence-oriented training of the next generation of physicians and medical scientists. It unites researchers, teachers and students from various scientific disciplines in a university culture characterized by openness, appreciation, equal opportunities and commitment.

Committed to the highest scientific quality and impact, it promotes transformative research focused on medically and health-scientifically relevant issues in basic biomedical sciences and clinical applications, in movement, health and nursing sciences, and in biomedical engineering. It grants the direct transfer of new knowledge from research into education and into clinical and health care practice. It ensures the basis for health care for the population that is based on the most up-to-date knowledge. Find details in the current strategy paper (german).

Here you can gain insight into the organizational structure of the Faculty of Medicine, get information about current events, get an overview of our cooperation network, find out about the Anatomical Museum, immerse yourself in our history and visit the Alumni Portal.