Educational infrastructure supporting PhD students of the Medical Faculty

Biomedical Engineering

The PhD program in Biomedical Engineering provides advanced educational tools in the field of Biomedical Engineering to complement the existing doctoral supervision offered by the Faculty of Medicine (Contact: Gabriela Oser).

Health Sciences

The PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS) aims at offering students the maximum opportunities to successfully pursue their PhD studies. Doctoral students whose research focuses on a Health Sciences topic are automatically members of the PPHS. Students are thus part of a wider community, broadening and enriching their academic and personal experience (Contact: Anja Matthiä).

The PPHS offers:
  • Web-based platform allowing an easy navigation through the course offerings
  • Thematic training by summer/winter schools
  • Career day
  • Interdisciplinary research seminars
  • Funding for students
  • Investment in quality of PhD supervision

More details can be found on the PPHS website.

Public Health

PhD students in the field of public health research can additionally register at the
Swiss School of Public Health Inter-university Graduate Campus (Contact: Ann Walser).