Admission application for the student office

  • Students already matriculated at the University of Basel:
    use the web application MOnA ( when re-registering.
  • For all other students, i.e. not matriculated at the University of Basel:
    see Checklist of documents (Word-file) including PhD supervision request form (PDF)

At least 6 months after admission application

  • Full research proposal with Learning Agreement (Template)

For a English translation of the PhD regulations please contact Simone Kramer.

The external advisor should be chosen according to the criteria for external experts.

Concerning first shared authorship please read the following document.

PhD Agreement/Progress Report

  • Word Template particularly suitable for all fields of the PhD Program Health Sciences (PPHS) and the Biomedical Ethics (Template)
  • Latex Template particularly suitable for Biomedical Engineering (Latex templatePDF)


  • Application for PhD defense (PDF)
  • Affirmation form about the usage of material (PDF)
  • Delivery policy of the Medical Faculty (PDF)
  • Title page Dr. sc. med. (Word file, English) 
  • Titelseite Dr. sc. med. (Word file, Deutsch)
  • Instructions for electronic submission
  • Guidelines on how to write an expert’s report about a PhD thesis (PDF)
  • Guidelines for Digital Defense due to the Corona Pandemic (PDF)


  • PhD Regulations (Doktoratsverordnung) 2008
  • PhD Guidelines (Wegleitung) 2008
  • Cover Dr. phil. (Word file, PDF)